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    Meet you in person

    The agent will meet you in person to understand your requirements better and start suggesting suitable properties

    Shortlist Properties

    He will search & shortlist properties based on your specific inputs. He will also verify properties before shortlisting.

    Arrange property visits

    He will speak to the property owner on your behalf and arrange property visit. He will be available during property visit.

    Negotiate the deal

    Our experienced brokers are well versed in negotiating deals at the best price possible for the buyer.

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    Benefits of hiring a dedicated broker

    Local Area Expertise

    Unlike other real estate platforms, Direct Owners allocate brokers from your local area. He will have years of exprience in the same location.

    Dedicated Real agent

    We have tied up with real agents who have successfully closed many deals over the years. His knowledge will be a huge positive.

    No Cost Service

    Never pay even a single penny to our broker. The agent cost is observed by Direct Owners. No hidden fees or charges.

    Contacts owners

    It is a tedious process to contact each and every owner to ensure property is available. Our agent will personally call each and every owner and confirm availability.

    Documentation support

    Our agent goes an extra mile by helping you with documentation and legal required for completing the deal.


    With their local area expertise, our agents will try to get you the property at the best price possible.

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