Happiness is priceless. And to preserve it wealthy Indians are coughing up almost that much. The culprit is the usual suspect, the great Indian wedding. Young couples planning to tie the knot are not leaving any stone unturned to zero in on a shutterbug with reputation, choose the perfect setting for their big day and script a fairy-tale romance on silver bromide.

In the 1980s, when our dads got married, photography, and that too at weddings, was a black-and-white affair. Unwieldy film SLRs and snappy point-and-shoot Kodaks did duty along with well-meaning enthusiastic relatives who clicked away at precious moments. But things have changed — mainly due to a sweeping trend in the west. New phrases like wedding photo journalism and candid wedding photography are snapping at the heels of traditional ones like mainstream photography and fashion photography.

Award-winning photographer from Chennai, who specializes in wedding portraits and destination wedding photography in India has come a long way from its amateur days. "Earlier, parents used to pick the corner photography shop in the neighborhood to cover a wedding in the family. These days the bride and bridegroom themselves approach us. Social media is a big factor in spreading awareness. Our parents had never asked who the photographer was. Now the reputation of the photographer and the quality of his portfolio are important factors in the couple’s decision making," . So we are here for you.

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